Yankees: These are radical times and they demand radical changes

Aaron Judge (Photo by David Maxwell/Getty Images)
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Let Destiny Ride And Prevail

Clint Frazier was never supposed to be playing for the Yankees this season. He was one of the players who Brian Cashman had designated as needing a full year at the highest level of the minors before he would be ready to play in the Bronx.

He would be called up in September when the rosters expanded, and he would be given as many at-bats as Joe Girardi could provide. And then in Spring Training, he would be granted the opportunity to make the Yankees outfield.

But as fate would have it, Aaron Hicks went down, and Frazier was called up as his replacement. Much like his compadre Aaron Judge, he flourished in all elements of the game, receiving praise for his “quick bat” and all-around ability as a five-tool player.

But again, much like Judge Frazier has stumbled as the league catches up with him, picking him apart offensively, and leaving Frazier precious little time to make the adjustments necessary to catch up.

Meanwhile, the Yankees are in the middle of a pennant race staring at the reality they’ve always known that Frazier wasn’t ready, and wondering what to do with him.

The Yankees did have a plan for Frazier once Aaron Hicks returned, and it was to send him down while eating the distress of the Yankees faithful.

They should do it and not look back.