Yankees: These are radical times and they demand radical changes

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Summing It Up

Let’s begin with some givens. One, the Yankees offense of late has been almost non-existent. Agreed? Two, the main core of that offense has not been contributing. Agreed? Three, Brett Gardner, Didi Gregorius, Todd Frazier, or Chase Headley are not capable of carrying the team. Agreed?

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Four, the Yankees Big Three, each for their reasons, has drastically slid in production and the immediate prognosis is dim regarding any remedy coming soon. Agreed? Five, the Yankees have a chance shortly to regain as many as three injured players. Agreed?

And lastly, the Yankees aren’t doing much of anything with the Big Three, so how much worse could it be without them?

An outfield at this stage of the season consisting of Brett Gardner, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Aaron Hicks doesn’t sound that bad, does it? And having a Joe Girardi type catcher in Austin Romine catching certainly doesn’t look bad, either.

The potential of the Yankees lineup is not being realized, and the team is playing fortified but losing baseball as a result. They’ve been lucky to date that another team hasn’t caught fire to challenge them in their standing for the first Wild Card team. But, do you want to gamble on that continuing for the rest of the season?

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Radical times demand radical changes. The moves are only temporary, but this is a team that needs a serious offensive wake-up call.