Yankees: These are radical times and they demand radical changes

Aaron Judge (Photo by David Maxwell/Getty Images)
Aaron Judge (Photo by David Maxwell/Getty Images) /
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Aaron Judge (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images) /

Aaron Judge Doesn’t Deserve This

That sounds like a funny statement to make, but it’s true. The Yankees have left their slugging right fielder out there long enough to dry, but he’s still getting soaked wet. Judge has more strikeouts than anyone in the major leagues since the All Star Break, not to mention the new game in town now to keep track of the number of consecutive games in which he’s had at least one K.

And all we need to know about that is it’s another Yankees record he’s set. The Yankees keep running him out there with the hope that maybe, just maybe, tonight will be the night when Judge turns it all around and that old magic of the first half reappears.

If you were to ask Aaron Judge, “What’s wrong?”, The likely answer you’d get right now is a befuddled shake of the head, or maybe just a simple, “Everything.” He’s lost.

He’s gone from the Face of Baseball, proclaimed by the Commissioner of baseball, to the Enigma of Baseball in a matter of weeks. And the questions as to why are more prevalent than the answers, other than the usual one, which is he has to just “play through it.”

Like Gary Sanchez, though, maybe the best place for Judge to do that is in Scranton instead of the Bronx, at least for a week or so. What harm would it do?

For the Yankees, nothing, given his production of late. But for Judge, it could mean everything and at least a chance to put it all back in the perspective he’s had, which is to take it one game at a time.

Again, it’s a gutsy move for the Yankees to make, but I’ll say it again, radical times demand drastic changes.