The Yankees finally get a much needed and timely break

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If someone had told you in early June that the Yankees would be limping to the finish line of the first half, you’d have thought the person was out of their mind.

However, the past six weeks have shown the worst of a team that had originally only shown their best. It was like turning the best of the Yankees inside out.

There have been some bright spots here and there. Clint Frazier seems to come as advertised. Of course, like any young player, there is still work to do on his development, but so far, so good, right.

Chase Headley, has picked it up in his usual streaky style. Here’s a guy capable any day of hitting for the cycle, though he’s likely to strike out four times on any given day.

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Brett Gardner has been consistent, finally using his speed to steal bases and drive opposing managers crazy. If he would just stop toying with the strike zone, that is.

Some of the rest of it is just incurable. For one thing, why are the Yankees bringing in Tyler Clippard when the game is on the line? If the Yankees are up two runs, or it’s a tie game, you know he’s going to blow it. He has a bad relationship with the strike zone.

If he throws anywhere near it, well, that ball is now a souvenir. If not, he walks in the tying run. He is plain, awful, awful, awful. Why they keep bringing him into high leverage situations is beyond me.

Perhaps one of the reasons the Yankees keep pouring gas on the fire is that super reliever Dellin Betances also couldn’t find the plate. He seemed to have also lost his mind in the process.

With an arsenal like his, why keep going to the breaking ball when you can pump some easy, fast ball strikes? You know, instead of being behind in the count all the time.

Either way, despite the injuries, between now and Friday, the Yankees need a plan for their bullpen.

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Even though he’s playing like he wants to be released, it would be dangerous to get rid of Clippard. He’s done this job before, and there is a chance he’ll rebound. That would be a big bite if he signed with a competing with a team in the playoff mix in the America League, out to have the last laugh.

So, use him as a mop-up man until he gets himself straight.  Until then, enjoy the next break.