Yankees Brian Cashman: Is A Disturbing Pattern Setting In?

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Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman appears to be oblivious to the fact that Yankees pitching is, at best, suspect. In recent days, notably, a disturbing pattern is setting in, with pitcher after pitcher signing with other teams, leaving the Yankees with ever dwindling options.

The Yankees Brian Cashman stood idly by yesterday when lefty specialist, Boone Logan, signed a one-deal with the Cleveland Indians, with an option for 2018. A one-time Yankees reliever, Logan appeared in half the games the team played in 2012.

By itself, this is not an earth-shaking event. But, put it together with moves the Yankees haven’t made in recent weeks, and you have the makings of a disturbing pattern that is likely to make the team’s search for the 2017 Playoffs harder, if not impossible.

Another reliever who could have fortified the team’s bullpen, Sergio Romo, returned home to sign with the Dodgers for the same amount of money ($3 million) that Cashman used to sign Chris Carter.

According to reports, the Yankees made a “strong push” to acquire the services of Romo before he was locked up by the Dodgers. But, nothing happened.

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And then we have the signing of Jason Hammel, who signed a two-year, $16 million deal to join the Royals starting rotation in 2017. Hammel, you may recall, was instrumental in the Cubs march to a World Championship last season, producing a 15-10 record.

In a previous post, titled Brian Cashman’s Offseason Mulligans, I explained in more detail with other examples why Brian Cashman might wish he could have a “do-over” in the construction of his pitching staff over the winter.

But, maybe I was wrong. And the fact is that Cashman doesn’t see any reason to tinker with the staff. That’s a scary thought and one that’s generally “Un-Cashman Like.” And if anything, Cashman is approaching superstar status as a general manager, especially when you consider what he has accomplished in bringing the wealth of young talent to the team that will be taking the stage as soon as this season.

Pipe dreams are made of this stuff. But, all we can do is hope that Brian Cashman has a handle on the pitching staff

And knowing that Cashman has at his disposal a wealth of information, it just might be that he does have a plan. And, for one reason or another, he decided to pass on the three pitchers noted above, as well as others the Yankees have chosen not to sign. That sounds more confident and more like Cashman.

As we know, though, time is running short. And soon, the shaky likes of Michael Pineda and Luis Severino will be taking their regular turns in the starting rotation. Spring Training is a time for hope and optimism, not only for the Yankees but all teams. And one would hope that both of these will straighten themselves out to the point where they can give the team six good innings on a consistent basis.

And that the bullpen can get the ball to Aroldis Chapman from there, and Chapman will prove his value as well by shutting the opposition down.

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Pipe dreams are made of this stuff. But, all we can do is hope that Brian Cashman has a handle on the pitching staff, and he is not oblivious to the same kind of “insurance” that Chris Carter brings to the team for Greg Bird for the pitching staff.