Yankees Among Latest Nominees for FanSided’s Fandom 250


On Friday, FanSided announced that the New York Yankees fanbase has been nominated for their Fandom 250, a ranking of the 250 top fandoms in the world.

New York Yankees fans can be found not only in every corner of the United States, but around the globe as well. All too often we outnumber the home team’s fans when the Bombers come to visit one of the sadder franchises in MLB (not naming any names…cough…Rays…). As one of the most iconic franchises in professional sports, fans of the Yankees are unmatched in their sheer numbers and dedication to the club.

It’s no surprise that Yankees fans will be somewhere among the top 250 fanbases in the world, as FanSided revealed on Friday in the lead up to their Fandom 250 rankings. The only question is just how high we will land. We all know that anti-Yankee bias can become especially prevalent during awards season, but I still hold out hope that we will place pretty well because of the size and passion of Yankee nation.

Yankees Nominated for Fandom 250: Read More About It Here

FanSided.com has been revealing 10 fanbases who made the list since October 28th. The final list will be published on December 6th. Co-founder and CEO of FanSided Adam Best recently discussed the impetus behind the list, which the site hopes to turn into an annual event:

"As our network of fandom-powered communities has grown in diversity, we’ve been continuously inspired by the dedication and passion our readers bring to their favorite sports teams, TV shows, movies, athletes, superheroes….the list goes on and on. As such, we decided to shine a spotlight on those passionate fans by taking on the impossible task of ranking the best 250 fandoms in the world."

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Stay tuned for more details on the Fandom 250 and how we fare in the rankings in the weeks to come.