What Can We Expect From Alex Rodriguez In 2016?


Alex Rodriguez surprised many people in 2015 by hitting 33 home runs, driving in 86 runs, and posting an OPS of .842.  Rodriguez, who had played only 44 games the previous two seasons due to injury and a year-long suspension, won back many fans, and even ended the season working the postseason for FOX.  After reaching many personal milestones in 2015, as well as leading the New York Yankees back to the postseason following a two-year drought, what can fans expect from Rodriguez in 2016?

Brian Cashman, for one, isn’t sure, stating:

"Alex, at this stage of his career, you just don’t know. I didn’t know what to expect from Alex this year and he was spectacular, one of the best, most productive DHs in the game and hopefully that can give us some comfort that we’ll see that again this year. But at the same time, you’ve got to acknowledge that you don’t know what you’re going to see or what you’re going to get. But I do know one thing, he’s going to be working his tail off and he’s a threat at the plate every time he’s up there."

While Rodriguez was viewed as an unknown entering 2015, I believe his strong season, even at his age, combined with the hard work he has put in this winter, is reason for optimism heading into 2016.  For players Rodriguez’s age, 40, health is always a concern, but Rodriguez, who doesn’t play the field and receives regular rest, was able to stay healthy in 2015.  Repeating that remains to be seen, but if Rodriguez is able to stay fresh, he should be one of the Yankees key contributors in 2016.

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Many who dislike Rodriguez claim that all of his accomplishments are a product of steroid use, but Rodriguez has always been a very smart hitter, and showed us in 2015 that he can still swing the bat.  I believe that, provided Rodriguez stays healthy, 2016 will be the year that he passes Babe Ruth, who he currently trails by 27 home runs, for third place on the all-time list.

The Yankees will need Rodriguez’s 2016 to be similar to his 2015, and if he stays healthy, there is no reason that it can’t be.  Keeping Rodriguez fresh is something that manager Joe Girardi did well in 2015, and with a deeper bench in 2016, he should be able to do the same this year.

What do you think Yankees fans?  Can Rodriguez repeat his performance in 2016 or is Father Time bound to catch up?  Let us know below.

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