New York Yankees Editorial: The State of the AL East After the Deadline


It has now been a few days after the deadline, and the American League East has a much different outlook. After being embarrassed in New York, the Baltimore Orioles have been red hot, and the Blue Jays went all in, and traded to get Troy Tulowitzki, and David Price. The Yankees were very quiet at the deadline, as they believe they have a team that can win the AL East. The AL East has now become a three team battle for the postseason, and I will break down on what is to come for the rest of the year.

These last two months the player that will have the biggest impact in the division will undoubtedly be David Price. The Blue Jays hope that Price will have great rest of the season, and be their number 1 that the Blue Jays have needed for years. The Blue Jays haven’t had an ace since the Roy Halladay days. Of course there’s always an off chance that Price could not be as dominant and the Blue Jays hoped, and they might not make the playoffs, but after his Blue Jays debut it looks like that won’t be the case. The bottom line, which ever way Price pitches these last few months for Toronto, he will have the biggest impact in the AL East.

With the Blue Jays and Orioles making major moves at the deadline, the Yankees may be looking to upgrade their rotation through a waiver wire trade. A pitcher like Ian Kennedy could fit well for the Yankees. With Kennedy’s contract expiring at the end of the year, the Padres may want to try again, and trade him. The price should be lowered on Ian Kennedy in August, and would really help the Yankees make the push for October should they acquire him.

The Orioles are the defending AL East champs, and they know how to win, and with a great clubhouse and a good manager, the O’s will not go quietly in the night. What could be a major benefit for the O’s is their schedule. The O’s will play at the end of the against Toronto and the Yankees back-to-back. If they are within striking distance, they could control their own destiny by playing both teams.

I truly believe the Yankees have enough power, and a great bullpen to win this division. If the Yankees want to win in October, however they need a starting pitcher badly. As for the O’s and Blue Jays, I believe one of them will get that second wild card spot. It should be a great few months for the AL East, as this division has become the most exciting division in all of baseball.

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