New York Yankees Editorial: August Waiver List Options


The New York Yankees didn’t make any trades that would guarantee an immediate impact before the deadline came. The next possible way to get a big piece to the puzzle in hopes of making a playoff run this year would be from waivers. Though picking up a player they could’ve gotten before the trade deadline will be harder this time around with the Yankees placement on the waiver list, it’s still a possibility for them to make a splash for September heading into the playoffs.

A possible target would be Martin Prado, who just last year helped the Yankees at least come close to a Wild Card birth. He is in Miami right now hitting .272 with four homers and 27 RBIs. The Yankees have Stephen Drew at second right now who continues to find ways to stay on the team, Dustin Ackley who could be used at second (and probably will be), and Brendan Ryan who is keeping a decent start to his year going since coming off the disabled list. Not to mention Jose Pirela who though he continues to prove he’s too good for Triple-A at times, struggles with injuries. Prado who is turning 32 in October could be another useful addition to the Yankees, but it seems more unlikely for that to happen with how many teams need a second baseman.

Next up are a couple of options on the same team, The San Diego Padres. The Padres are a perfect example of spending gone wrong, and how to set your team back a good amount of years. With the players that are available from them, teams are looking to pounce on whatever comes about. Former Yankee Ian Kennedy and Craig Kimbrel could very well be options on waivers, though as said before, would be very hard for them to slip through to the Yankees. Ian Kennedy has a 2.83 ERA in his last ten outings, and being on a team that isn’t getting the kind of planned support, it’s going to eventually have an effect on pitchers. Kennedy will be a 31 year-old free agent this off-season, but as many mentioned available for trade, could be a rabbit-in-a-hat for the Yankees in moving forward into October. Kimbrel might even have a better chance of making it to the Yankees just purely off his contract being so expensive. Fans have heard all too well how Kimbrel could not only help the bullpen’s fatigue, but support the starters that go five to six innings at best. The Red Sox were reportedly almost able to make a trade for Kimbrel, and seeming as if that would’ve been just to take him away from the Yankees.

Tomorrow Luis Severino starts for the Yankees in his major league debut, with quite a lot of things riding on him. The Yankees didn’t trade for a starter, should he perform as hoped for, it could take a lot of stress off Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi heading into the last stretch of the season.

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