New York Yankees Editorial: Jacoby Ellsbury Proving to be a Liability for Yankees


By all accounts, Jacoby Ellsbury is having a solid season in his sophomore year with the New York Yankees, except when he’s injured. Unfortunately for Yankees fans, that has turned out to be quite often. Through 102 New York Yankees games, he has only been able to participate in 56 contests (through July 31, 2015).

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His first trip to the DL happened on May 19th when his cleats got caught on the dirt after taking a swing against the Washington Nationals. However, before the start of the season, he had already been battling several injuries, including a hip injury that held him out of games at the end of April and an oblique injury that sidelined him during spring training. Aside from those instances, on July 25, Ellsbury ‘tweaked’ his shoulder when he ran into the wall in right-center at Target Field after making a spectacular play on Trevor Plouffe’s fly ball to end the third inning during the Yankees 7-3 victory over the Minnesota Twins on July 25.

During those rare moments where he has been healthy, he’s been what the Yankees expected when they signed him to a 7 year/$153 million deal. When on the field, he has proven that he can be a catalysts on offense. Before he sat out 42 games healing his knee, he led the team with a .326 batting average. So far this season he has posted a slash line of .288/.357/.369. He has also displayed a knack for defense by posting a 1.000 fielding percentage. That being said, how good is any of that if he can’t stay healthy enough to use his talents on the field?