New York Yankees Editorial: Hamels Traded So Now What?


The New York Yankees didn’t get Cole Hamels. The Texas Rangers did and they gave up a lot for him. Four of their top 13 prospects in fact.

David Price and Mike Leake a Yankees nation turns it’s lonely eyes to you. 

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The Yankees could theoretically do nothing, but as the Royals, Blue Jays and Rangers all make moves, you have to figure the Yankees do something right? Something?

Well maybe they don’t. Maybe the arm they add is just calling up Luis Severino who struck out 10 last night in AAA. Maybe they bring Rob Refsnyder back up to help at second base. 

Maybe this all for nothing and they add Price and Craig Kimbrel just for fun. Who knows. 

Brian Cashman is in a tough spot. If he does nothing and the Yankees get swept in the first round he will look like a fool. If they give up a big prospect for Leake or Price and they fizzle and then leave as a free agent and that prospect develops he will look like a fool.

The Yankees have a huge lead in the East, but that can go away. There’s still a lot of time left and games with the Blue Jays.  The Yankees may be another starter away from being a complete team. The question is whether or not they will pay the price (no pun intended) to do it.

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