New York Yankees Editorial: When Will Rob Refsnyder Be Back in the Big Leagues?


As the trade deadline comes closer Yankee fans wonder what type of buyers will they be this July. Will the Yankees make a big splash like a David Price? Will the Yankees make a little splash like a bullpen arm? The third option could be calling up with in the Yankee farm system, like Rob Refsnyder.

Dan O’Dowd works for MLB Network, and previous job was the general manager of the Colorado Rockies, and is very high on the Yankee prospect, Rob Refsnyder. O’Dowd believes Resnyder has a bat that will play in the majors, and could be a great platoon partner with Stephen Drew at second base.

"‘At this point,’ O’Dowd said, ‘you’re only managing 70-something games of the season now. Believe me, for minor league players, better than any role you’re playing at the Triple-A level. It ‘s a great way for a young player to get a great chance to play without feeling a pressure on you because you have to be that guy. It allows Drew to kind of focus in on facing right-handers.’"

Refsnyder platooning with Drew may be the best option going forward for the Yankees. If these players platoon, the Yankees do not have to give up any of their prospects. This will also help Stephen Drew as he will only face right-handed pitchers. Refsnyder will get valuable experience as the Yankees continue to make the playoff push. The biggest thing is this will not effect the chemistry of the clubhouse.

"‘You don’t want to crew up the chemistry in the clubhouse,’ O’Dowd said. ‘I’m not sure where Drew is in there, but they have some resiliency going on right now. You thought the wheels were going to come off the bus and that they were going to crash into a ditch, but they’ve been a much more dominant team at home than on the road. Whatever mix of chemistry they have going on, you don’t want to screw with that a lot.’"

Any call up of Rob Refsnyder will happening after the trade deadline. The best option is to platoon Rob Refsnyder with Stephen Drew. This helps the Yankees now, and helps the Yankees in the future to get a good look at Rob Refsnyder.

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