New York Yankees Editorial: Brian Cashman Hearing “Amazing” Things About Aaron Judge


Major League Baseball has seen an influx of young talent over the past few seasons, and the New York Yankees minor league system has finally caught up to par, producing major league talent, something put on display by Rob Refsnyder‘s strong showing at Fenway Park Sunday.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman feels that it is a different prospect that Yankees fans should be excited about:  Aaron Judge, who was recently ranked the 13th best prospect in baseball, and the number one outfielder, by Baseball Prospectus.  Cashman had plenty to say about Judge, starting off by describing all reports he has heard regarding Judge as “amazing”:

"Every level as a pro it seems like 250 at-bats and you move him.  He just seems to continue to hit.  Listen, I’m not down there, but I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about his makeup and his leadership and his work ethic and let’s put it this way:  A lot of people are laying bets on what his major-league future is going to be like."

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While Cashman has been impressed with Judge’s development, he doesn’t believe that Judge has surpassed the expectations that the organization had for him when they made him the 32nd selection in the first round of the 2013 draft:

"I can’t tell you it’s exceeded because with his tool package, when he was drafted, you were hearing things like David Winfield and Giancarlo Stanton and stuff like that.  I’m sure he can’t even come close to those type of performance levels because they’re rare in their own right but it’s neat to be associated with and people try to liken people to what they could be and so he’s still continuing to allow those names to be invoked since he was drafted.  That’s success in it’s own right, so far."

Cashman doesn’t seem like he will regret selecting the 23-year old Judge anytime soon, as he refused to set the bar on Judge’s future, but also refrained from comparing him to Hall of Fame talents:

"I’m not setting that bar.  Those are the things that have been thrown out and he just continues to perform and I also state that he’ll never approach those type (of) guys because those guys are rarities.  It’s hard to be another Derek Jeter, another Dave Winfield, but it’s nice to have people think maybe you could."

Although Judge, who went 1-for-3 as the starting DH in Sunday’s Futures Game, has mostly drawn praises for his bat, Cashman feels that his defensive abilities aren’t talked about enough:

"He’s played center field at Scranton.  He’s good defensively.  He’s a corner guy but there’s times because they get short down there and they said, ‘Hey, man, this guy is certainly more than capable.  Do you mind if we swing him over to center and start him there every now and then?’ And yeah, he’s started a few times already now I think, in Scranton."

While Refsnyder is the one who has arrived, the 11th Yankee to make his major league debut this season, it is Judge, and pitching prospect Luis Severino, who are truly the talk of the organization.  Having caught the eye of the general manager is something that bodes well for Judge’s chances of reaching the majors sooner than later.

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