New York Yankees Editorial: Ivan Nova Insists He’s Healthy


Recovering from Tommy John surgery, Ivan Nova spent fourteen months on the disabled list, and the New York Yankees pitcher wants it to be known that he is tired of hearing about the surgery:

"I’m not going to make any excuses that I’m coming off of surgery.  I’m pitching.  If I’m up here with the team, it’s because they feel, and I feel, that I can contribute to this team.  Nobody mentions Tommy John when I pitch a good game, so why do you have to mention it when I pitch a bad game?  You can’t judge any bad start I have and say it’s because of the surgery.  I don’t believe in that.  I’m pitching and I feel good."

Although Nova, who has struggled with consistency since debuting in 2010, stated he feels fine, he did admit that he is still progressing, and that the All-Star break will be good for his body:

"It’s still a work in progress.  I have to keep pitching.  Every time I pitch, I don’t focus on the results as much as the way I feel.  I think the All-Star break will be good for me and my body to take a little rest, and then I’ll go back to work."

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Nova’s struggles with inconsistencies continued in his last start, as he couldn’t find the strike zone regularly.  After coming off the disabled list with two strong starts, which saw him allow just two runs over twelve innings, Nova threw only 45 of his 81 pitches for strikes on route to allowing four runs (three earned) in just five innings, giving up six hits and walking three.  He insisted that the poor start wasn’t correlated to his elbow injury, and he isn’t worried:

"Last time, I didn’t have any command of my pitches, but before the surgery, I had those days, too.  If you look at how many starts like that I had before I got hurt, it was a lot.  I was up and down a lot of times.  There were days that I felt really good, went out there and had no command of any of my pitches.  That stuff happens.  I don’t worry about what happened last time.  I know that I can still pitch a good game."

Yankees manager, Joe Girardi, added that, despite Nova, who will get an extra-day of rest between starts, having control issues the last time out, he has been pleased with what he has seen from Nova through his first three outings:

"I didn’t think he had a whole lot of control of his fastball or his curveball and managed to pitch a decent amount of time during the course of the game and not give up a lot of runs.  So I’ve been pleased with what I’ve seen.  He gets an extra day here, maybe that will help as you’re coming back and you’re starting to throw every fifth day.  Sometimes you worry about guys doing that, and you worry about fatigue a little bit, but we gave him an extra day here."

Nova, who will look to rebound against the Boston Red Sox, is excited to get back into the rivalry for the first time since 2013, while admitting he has been happy with how his comeback has progressed thus far:

"I missed a lot of things, but facing the Red Sox, everything that’s gone on between us, it’s one of those things you really miss.  The game seems a little different when you face the Red Sox because of all that has happened in the past.  I feel good.  I feel like I’m playing baseball again.  It’s not rehabbing anymore, it’s a routine for me now.  I’m very happy with the way everything has gone so far."

After a long layoff, one should understand why Ivan Nova wants questions about his elbow to be put to rest.  Before this will happen, his pitching must silence the doubters.  A strong start against the Red Sox Saturday night would be an excellent start.

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