New York Yankees Editorial: What Rob Refsnyder’s Debut Means


The New York Yankees have had a ton of guys make their major league debut already this season. Mason Williams, Matt Tracy, Nick Rumbelow, Branden Pinder, Diego Moreno, Jacob Lindgren, Slade Heathcott, Ramon Flores, Jose De Paula and Danny Burawa have all made their debut. It means that instead of going for re-tread or 4A kind of players, they are giving young guys the chance to come up. It means the system is improving.

The biggest debut will be for Rob Refsnyder tomorrow. But what should we expect from Ref and what does it mean?

Well, first of all, Ref is playing quite well. Well enough that he forced their hand, especially with Stephen Drew and his -0.4 WAR.

The Yankees are facing two lefties, so it’s the perfect time give Ref a shot, though he’s only hitting .253 with a .798 OPS vs lefties in AAA this season.

Joe Girardi doesn’t seem to have much faith in young players or in the starting rotation of late. With Ramon Flores up, Girardi still started Chris Young against righties even though he’s hitting .176 against them. If Refsnyder, let’s say goes 2-9 the next two days, and Brendan Ryan is healthy, does Ref go back? Is it a two game cup of coffee and see ya? 

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Or will Refsnyder be given the next couple of weeks before the trade deadline to prove himself so that way the Yankees know whether or not they have to try and upgrade at the position before that? Something that Jose Pirela was never given.

Speaking of trades, could Refsnyder be showcased for a trade at the deadline? Could he be used as a chip for Johnny Cueto or Ben Zobrist or even Cole Hamels?

To me, Refsnyder represents the first of that next wave of talent the Yankees have coming. Aaron Judge, Luis Severino and Greg Bird are all at AAA. Gary Sanchez will be in the Futures Game with Judge on Sunday. Don’t forget the GDP of some countries the Yankees spent on international talent last season.

It’s exciting to see the Yankees have a prospect come up and try and help the team. You look at all the contending teams across the league, and they all have had rookies come up and have an impact. Kris Bryant and Joc Pederson are All-Stars. Carlos Correa is stud. Across town, Steven Matz and Noah Syndegaard have shown why the Mets could have the best 1-5 rotation in baseball soon.

Refsnyder isn’t and may never be at those players levels. However, it represents what could start the turn of the page for the Yankees into having their prospects actually make an impact and not be trade bait. The future is now and this is only the beginning.

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