Yankees Editorial: Stephen Drew Should Not Start Opening Day


Let’s go back to December 19th, that is the day Martin Prado got traded. With Prado leaving Yankee Universe, the New York Yankees were ready to go with youth at second base. The Yankees had two decent prospects coming up ready to fight for the job.

I started to warm up to the idea of a young second basemen over Prado, the two prospects are Rob Refsnyder and Jose Pirela. Refsnyder hit .318 last year between Double A and Triple A, and his glove is improving at second base. Pirela got a September call up and was solid in the little playing time he was given.

Now let’s fast forward to January 7th, and the Yankees signed Stephen Drew to a one year deal. Now my question is simple…WHY? I know that Drew is not an expensive player, but I just don’t understand the move. The Yankees already have Brendan Ryan, and they are basically the same player.

The Yankees want to get younger, and now have a young 24-year-old short stop, and can have a young second baseman as his double play partner, but no let’s get a 31 year old who hit about .150 last year to play second.

Why can’t the Yankees have a young middle infielding core that can grow and work together? Now people can say that you should not have two inexperience players up the middle, but those are the same people who do not turn their cell phones off in a movie theater. With experience on the corners there should be no problems having two young middle infielders.

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Also when Mark Teixeira” his healthy he is a gold glove first basemen, and can hide lots of mistakes from the infielders.

I just do not understand why the Yankees always have to continually add old washed up players? In the new age of baseball the teams that are winning are using home-grown talent. The Yankees need to start adopting this method.

When they traded Prado, I thought they are starting to employ this philosophy. Let these two young guys battle it out and the winner get’s the starting job. Then Cashman signed Drew, and it is right back to square one.

Now I understand there is a lot of money wrapped up in big free agents, but the Yankees should plug-in young homegrown talent where big money is not, say such as I don’t know SECOND BASE!

When opening day comes I really hope I see one of the young second basemen and not  Drew as the starting second basemen.

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