New York Yankees Non-Roster Invitee Player Profile: Kyle Davies


As the New York Yankees start Spring Training games, we take a look at more Non Roster Invitees who will be assisting the starters. Kyle Davies is a familiar name to Yankees fans, he gave up Alex Rodriguez’s 500th home run in 2007 at Yankees stadium. So since then what has Kyle Davies career been like?

The Yanks signed him to a minor league deal last month. He previously pitched in an unsatisfying 2011 season with the Kansas City Royals. His stats for that season included a 1-9 record, an ERA of 6.75, and a 1.793 WHIP in 61.1 innings. Since then he has been drifting around the minor leagues for Blue Jays, Twins, Indians, and now the Yankees.

With that said this is not something Davies hasn’t been through before, and I’m sure the hunger to make his way back up the ladder is still there. He’s only 31 years old and still has time to make a case for himself that he can be useful to the team.

Davies is not an inexperienced player by any means. The Atlanta Braves drafted him in 2001, and he made his Major League debut in 2005. While the numbers weren’t good by any means in 2011, the years before that 1-9 season were decent. Keep in mind the Royals didn’t have a winning year in 2007-2011 so any ‘decent’ (or even close to decent) players they had were over worked.

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With the finally growing talent the Yankees have in their minor league system, Davies should be not only a useful veteran presence, but a veteran trying to find his way to the big leagues again. Of course that would take a lot of dominoes to fall in his favor, but isn’t anything possible with the Yankees?

Realistically what do the Yankees have in him for now? In the minors if Davies is kept in the bullpen, he could be useful for an inning or two in his appearances. That’s more fitting than what the Royals used to use him for.

Every player has to start somewhere, especially when being brought to a new team when a lot of players already know their roles. The fact that the Yankees invited him to spring training should be a bright light, for him already to show he still has talent to help out.

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