Yankees News: Tampa Won’t Be An Alex Rodriguez Circus


It is almost the glorious start to one of the best games on Earth and for the New York Yankees it starts in Tampa. However, the Yankees refuse to make the mistake they have made in the past and allow for Tampa to become a circus show. This is especially true for a circus that goes by the name of Alex Rodriguez. ESPN New York’s Wallace Matthews’ article states that the Yankees won’t allow for Rodriguez to have his media address at Tampa. It may feel familiar considering back in 2009 A-Rod held his last steroid press conference at George Steinbrenner Field.

Matthews writes:

"“According to a source with knowledge of the talks between the Yankees and their alienated slugger, the club desperately wants A-Rod to get this media session out of the way before pitchers and catchers report on Friday, and they want it done anywhere but Tampa, where they believe it will serve as a distraction to A-Rod’s teammates.”"

The Yankees are right to not let the ongoing feud with A-Rod give the 2015 a rough start. Although they didn’t spend a lot of money (for a change) they displayed their new philosophy in the youth movement. Brian Cashman made numerous moves to acquire young, high-upside players. This will be their first experience in the legendary pinstripes and a bad first impression could be toxic.

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However, many of these players grew up watching Rodriguez and offered support. One in particular is All-Star pitcher Dellin Betances. He was quoted in an interview saying “I don’t think [Rodriguez] is going to be a distraction. For us, we welcome him with open arms, we just want everybody to contribute and if everybody can contribute and get us back to the playoffs, that’s what matters to us this year.”

The Yankees offered Rodriguez a room at Yankee Stadium but his party respectfully declined. It is known that he has been training for his come back in Miami so the distance may have been the problem. Matthews went on to say in his article that if A-Rod does do his press conference in Tampa, “the session will have to be held in front of his locker”.

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