Yankees News: New York Yankees Fighting A-Rod for Bonuses


The New York Yankees made one of the smartest investments in 2008 when they re-signed Alex Rodriguez to a 10-year, $275 million contract. In doing so, they locked up one of the premier players in the game who was a lock for 30 home runs a season and was fully capable of reaching 50 home runs if everything went right. He was going to hit milestone after milestone, and break record after record in pinstripes. There was no hesitation for the Yankees when it came to a high price tag for their All-Star free agent. A-Rod is a 14-time All-Star, three-time MVP, two-time Gold Glove winner, 10-time Silver Slugger award winner, four-time Hank Aaron AL award winner, five-time AL home run champion, two-time AL RBI champion, and an AL Batting Champion. The Yanks were rewarded the season after their hefty commitment with a World Series Championship in 2009.

Outside of the obvious reasons for signing A-Rod to a record contract, there was another deal on the side which was encouraged by Warren Buffet. The marketing deal offers an extra incentive for every home run milestone in addition to his $275 million. According to the NY Daily News:

"“Rodriguez, who has 654 career home runs, needs to hit just six more to tie Willie Mays‘ 660 homers and become eligible for a $6 million bonus. The marketing deal also calls for him to receive $6 million if he ties Babe Ruth (714), another $6 million if he ties Hank Aaron (755) and yet another $6 million if surpasses Barry Bonds (762) to become baseball’s all-time home run king.”"

Now the Yankees are faced with the harsh reality of owing A-Rod more money on top of the remaining $61 million. According to reports they are willing to fight Rodriguez in court in an attempt to void the marketing contract. At the time it was given, it made plenty of sense, they would have made all of their money back and then some in ticket sales. memorabilia. public appearances, and other forms of marketing. However, since Rodriguez’s fall from grace (PED use and lying) the marketing deal will amount to a loss of revenue.

The Yankees plan on arguing that A-Rod signed the contract on the basis of a false image and public relation. He has become the poster child for performance enhancing drugs in the game and his image was sullied by the numerous lies and shady acts. The organization feels that they cannot pay someone for achievements that were made by cheating. They already made it clear that they want no part of him in the off-season when they re-signed Chase Headley and said he will not be the third baseman. Then they went out and acquired Garrett Jones which made his reps at DH that much more limited. The icing on the cake was when the front office rejected his request for a meeting to clear the air coming off his season-long suspension. The Yankees can’t make it any more clear that they don’t want any part of A-Rod.

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