Alex Rodriguez sought out Barry Bonds for help


When one thinks of Barry Bonds, several images pop immediately into mind. Tape measure home runs splashing down in McCovey’s Cove. A surly attitude to all he met. A head that grew in size to make it look like Sputnik crash landed on his shoulders. Enough PEDs to fuel an NFL team for a half. Yet, one thing that one would not picture is that Bonds would be the person du jour for players to turn to in order to improve their abilities.

Yet, that is exactly what Bonds has become, or so claim players like Michael Morse and Dexter Fowler. Naturally, with that being the case, a player like Alex Rodriguez, who is desperately attempting to resurrect his career, legacy, public image and ability to be a centaur, will reach out to Bonds. Any port in a storm, right?

And so, Alex Rodriguez has been spotted at Barry Bonds’ facility, taking swings in a batting cage and picking Bonds’ mind about how to hit. Shockingly, Rodriguez has been reported to be a sponge around Bonds, actually refraining from being the egomaniacal megalomaniac that we have come to know and loathe.

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At least, that is what is happening in public, where the children and the assembled public can see what Bonds and Rodriguez are talking about and doing. Who knows what secrets are being shared behind closed doors. Perhaps the ways of

the Cream and the Clear

using flaxseed oil to ease sore muscles or how best to

fool a drug test

attack opposing pitchers are being discussed. Perhaps Bonds has charts and graphs that, if they were to be made public, would be rather uncomfortable and allow pitchers to adjust.

The thought is that it could not hurt for a 40 year old Alex Rodriguez, someone who has had numerous hip issues and has missed the vast majority of the past two years, to seek out Barry Bonds and get his advice. That may be fine in theory, but if Rodriguez comes back and actually looks remotely competent at the plate, the automatic thought will swirl around those PED suspensions and accusations. Get ready for more inflatable syringes in the stands and a cascade of jeers that Susyn Waldman and John Sterling will enthusiastically proclaim to be cheers and shouts of support.

Yes, Rodriguez likely needs a miracle to be a productive player at this point in his career. Yes, Bonds could be the Yankees version of Miracle Max. But really, is Rodriguez clueless enough to think that going to someone who is a suspected PED user in his own right is the best place to go to rebuild his career and image? Wait, don’t answer that.

Alex Rodriguez sought out Barry Bonds to help get his career back on track. This is going to end well.