Yankees News: Announcer John Sterling Remaining Postitive After Tragic Apartment Fire


Beloved radio announcer John Sterling will be the first to tell you that this week wasn’t one of his best, but is still trying to remain positive.

Sterling has been a part of the sports franchise for quite some time. According to YESNetwork.com, he has had his experiences on the radio during the 1970’s and 1980’s, which included calling games for teams like the Atlanta Hawks, New York Nets and Washington Bullets. 

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In his 17 seasons with the Yankees, he has not missed one game. His stellar work has been acknowledged, as he has gone on to win 12 Emmy Awards, which includes being the winning host for Yankeeography and Yankees Classics.

While everything about his life seems rather sweet, Sterling is trying to work his way out of the nightmare he was a part of Wednesday night, as a massive fire in Edgewater, New Jersey erupted and damaged an apartment complex that he unfortunately lives in.

Due to the fire, according to Newsday.com, Sterling lost everything in his apartment. Fortunately for him, he is able to afford to replace essentials. What he wasn’t able to unfortunately save was all of his World Series rings except the one from 2009. Also damaged included pictures of relatives and celebrities, and sadly his 12 Emmy Awards.

Sterling also took the time to mention that although all of his valuables are gone, he thinks it is more important that nobody lost their lives in this horrific event. He also is extremely grateful that people from all over are checking in on him, including a guy that he hasn’t heard from in easily 50 years. That is pretty neat.

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