Yankees Have Some Shuffling Around To Do With Their Catcher Rotation


The Yankees are definitely still trying to map out what their catcher rotation is going to look like, and they seem like they have run into a little bit of trouble. After re-signing infielder Stephen Drew recently, the 40-man roster is completely full, and they are trying to figure out who to let go to open up a spot for another catcher.

In the beginning of the off-season, the Yankees went into it having five catchers on the roster. That slowly dwindled, as Francisco Cervelli got traded to the Pirates in exchange for pitcher Justin Wilson. 

As of right now, Brian McCann will be the starting catcher. While McCann disappointed Yankees fans this past season with his lack of offense, he showed promise in September with his hitting, and has obviously been working hard in the off-season to get back that swing that the Yankees desperately need. 

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It looks like John Ryan Murphy will get the back-up starting job. He has really grown as a player over the last couple seasons, and this year will definitely be his first test in terms of how he performs in playing in more games than he is used to. The Yankees also like that he is only 23-year old, as there is lots of promise for the youngster in his future with the ball club.

The other prospects include Austin Romine, who has been in and out of the majors for quite sometime. While he is still currently on the 40-man roster, he is out of minor league options and would have to clear waivers to head back down to Triple-A SWB. It is known that he will probably show up in some games this season as well.

The one name in the farm system to keep an eye on in 2015 is Gary Sanchez, who recently got promoted to Triple-A, and put up some good numbers at the plate. It is going to be a test run of a year for Sanchez, as well to see how he would perform if he were to be called up into the majors for a few games.