Key Dates For Remainder Of Yankees Offseason


It seems that the Yankees are done making any significant moves this off-season. There isn’t the slightest hint that they’ll even make a phone call for Max Scherzer, and should we be surprised? They didn’t make a real offer for David Robertson, and Brian Cashman said that Brandon McCarthy was out of their price range. Really?

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So, where does that leave us for the remainder of the off-season? Here are a few upcoming dates that might be worth keeping an eye on:

Salary Arbitration Hearings: Feb. 1-21

There are four Yankees that are eligible for arbitration: Ivan Nova, Shawn Kelley, Michael Pineda, and Nathan Eovaldi.

Initial Workout For Pitchers And Catchers: Feb. 21

This is the day that most fans will be interested in. We don’t know what to make of the 2015 rotation, and the Yanks officially have a new closer. We all want to know about the health of Masahiro Tanaka and how effective CC Sabathia can be. It will also be interesting to see how well Brian McCann can work with Eovaldi and Andrew Miller. Let’s not forget that the Yanks no longer have the consistent innings-eater, Hiroki Kuroda, in the middle of their rotation, as he opted to finish his professional career in Japan.

Initial Workout For The Full Roster: Feb. 26

There will be plenty of coverage surrounding this date, and that’s no surprise. There’s a lot going on. We’ll get an idea on how healthy Mark Teixeira (we all know he can only take the field at 100%…) and Carlos Beltran are. Alex Rodriguez finally returns, and there’s a new shortstop in town.

In just a couple of months, we’ll start to get a feel for what this team will really look like for the upcoming season. Initially, it really doesn’t look all that good.

Hal Steinbrenner can get on the radio and talk about how the Yankees are fielding a “championship-caliber” team all he wants, but that’s just a bunch of ticket-selling nonsense. Times have surely changed, and these aren’t the Yankees of old. The old Yankees would have been able to at least “compete” for Brandon McCarthy.

Here’s to an exciting offseason.