What Do The Yankees Expect Out Of Didi Gregorius?


The Yankees have been questioned many times throughout the off-season about who is going to fill the hole at shortstop next year. They may not have found themselves a Derek Jeter, but they sure found someone who could potentially be quite productive in the shortstop role for next year. 

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Brian Cashman finally broke the real ice of the off-season, and was able to acquire shortstop Didi Gregorius from the Arizona Diamondbacks. This resulted in a three-way deal, which left Shane Greene packing up his belongings, and becoming a new member of the Detroit Tigers. The other part of the trade was sending reliever Robbie Ray and infielder Domingo Leyba to the Diamondbacks.

Now that the Yankees have settled on a shortstop, how will Gregorius help the team? Well for one, he is in his 20s, which already helps the Yankees, since they could use some youth on the squad. He also is considered valuable both in the field, but could use some work at the plate. Lastly, he is going to be cheap, which gives the team some opportunities to go out and get more players if they so choose. Heck, they can even fiddle around with some of their top prospects as well.

They may not have gotten Troy Tulowitzki, but this move seems to make perfect sense both physically and financially. In result to this, they even got to pick up Andrew Miller, who can really help strengthen that bullpen even more. It will be interesting to see what Cashman has in mind about what power bats he wants to acquire down the stretch.