Yankees’ Infield Questions Continue


The New York Yankees need a third baseman. They also need a shortstop. They may actually also need a second baseman depending on which way they go. It seems like agreeing to the terms that Chase Headley wants has become more difficult than expected. That’s why it is surprising that the Yankees haven’t begun contacting other players.

I have already written about two such players they should go after as a safety net earlier this offseason. River Ave Blues recently ran a report that the Yankees haven’t shown any interest in either Jed Lowrie nor Asdrubal Cabrera. This is somewhat surprising. 

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There are no really great or, quite honestly, above average third basemen or shortstops left on the market outside of Chase Headley. The Yankees aren’t sold on Stephen Drew and have Brendan Ryan, the defensive wizard, on the bench as the defensive guy. So if they aren’t actively pursuing anyone for the left side of the infield, what is their plan?

As RAB points out, both players are projected to be 3-year, $30 million-type players, which is relatively cheap in today’s baseball market. As they also point out, they are both very similar players. They both hit about .245 this past season, they have 10-15 home run pop and they are below average fielders. The question remains though, if Headley walks, what other options are there?

Everth Cabrera was recently non-tendered by the Padres and he may be a better fit. The speed demon also has had his share of off field woes and sizes up statistically as the same type of player as Lowrie and Asdrubal. The advantage Everth has is that he is the youngest option at only 28, however, with the way the Yankees conduct business, it seems the elder Lowrie would be at the advantage.

Lowrie and the Cabreras may not be the best fit for the Yankees, but they are a fit. It is shocking that they have not engaged in any discussions with either of them when the Yankees don’t have a shortstop or third baseman ready to roll. The Winter Meetings are right around the corner. Let’s hope that there is a trade or free agent Cashman has in mind and we know more when they are complete.