Are The Yankees Slowly Slipping In The AL East?


The Yankees were always known for dominating the American League East over the years. However, the league has gotten competitive over the last couple years, and with the moves that have been made in the off-season thus far, it looks like it will be another tough year. The only noise the Yankees have made in the free agency market is resigning Chris Young, and letting go of Francisco Cervelli for pitcher Justin Wilson. Many wonder if the Yankees will be able to keep up with the others in their division, due to the recent big signings. Let’s look at what other teams have been doing:

1. Boston Red Sox

The Sox certainly made headlines this past week, as they signed two power hitters, Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval for a combined total of $183 million. Funny that the Yankees get heckled for spending so much money, but look at Boston. It doesn’t look like they are stopping their either. The team is interested in Max Scherzer or James Shields with the money they have left over. Their other option with the remainder of their balance is to resign Jon Lester.

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2. Toronto Blue Jays

They may not be part of our country, but they are sure making some off-season noise up north. Just a couple days ago, they signed all-star third basemen Josh Donaldson, who will fit quite nicely in the lineup with players like Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion. They also signed Melky Cabrera about a month ago, who has been putting up some great numbers. It is not known if they are done trading, but you never know what can happen.

3. Baltimore Orioles

The American League East pennant winners shocked everyone this season, as they went on to win 96 games for the first time since 1997. Lucky for the Orioles, they can afford to lose a player or two, and still be able to compete. Predictions lie that they may lose Nelson Cruz or even long-time Oriole Nick Markakis, but the lineup put up some outstanding numbers, that they will still be able to hit the long ball no matter who is in the lineup.

4. Tampa Bay Rays

Finally, the Rays, who made a lot of people speechless with their failure of the season. No one is quite sure about who the Rays have their eye on, but they are definitely interested in keeping some of their key pitchers like Alex Cobb and Chris Archer. If anything, they are probably going to try and find a power bat or two, since the numbers the lineup put up this past season were certainly not startling.

As you can see, there has been lots of chaos going on in the league lately. As the signings continue to carry on, it is making the Yankees job this winter tougher by the day. If they want any shot of keeping up with these other competitors, some more pitching and a couple power bats would certainly lead them in the right direction.