Yankees’ Still In Search Of Hitting Coach


If the Yankees’ want to live up to their name of being the Bronx Bombers again, many adjustments need to happen. Before they can even think about what the starting lineup will look like this upcoming season, the first step is needing to still go find a hitting coach.

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It has been six weeks since the Yankees released former hitting coach Kevin Long, and they still haven’t filled that role yet. There was talk about former Yankee Raul Ibanez being named for that position, but word on the street is that he could potentially become the Tampa Bay Rays’ new manager.

Now the question is: What are the Yankees’ options? Well, they tried reaching out to Eric Hinske and Dave Magadan, who both decided to remain with the Cubs and Rangers, respectively. James Rowson could be someone they could reach out to, who was the interim hitting coach for the Cubs’ in 2013.