Mark Teixeira Losing His Stroke?


Last season was one that irked with Yankees’ first baseman Mark Teixeira, not just because he finished with a .216 batting average (the lowest of his career), but because he also finished with career lows in home runs (22), and RBI (62)?

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Now, a week and a half since the Yankees’ season ended, Teixeira is back at work. In past years, Teixeira says he would normally take close to a month off to begin the off-season to allow his body to rest from the strain of the long season. But going on age 34, Teixeira no longer has that luxury. If he wants to get back to where he was offensively a few years ago, he’s going to have to work harder than ever.

Teixeira is aware of the skeptics and the doubters, but believes that more than a year’s recovery from his wrist surgery along with a full off-season, will help him get back the power he needs.

Tex has two years remaining on the eight-year deal he signed with the Yankees in the winter of 2008, and coming off disappointing 2013 and 2014 seasons, leaves Teixeira with something to prove in 2015. He is one of only a handful of guys the Yankees will be depending on in 2015, to perform the way they used to. Whether or not that will be possible, remains to be seen.