Game 121 Preview: Yankees vs Rays

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Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Keys to Victory

If the Yankees want a chance to even up this series against the red hot Rays, there are a few things that need to be done. First, Shane Greene is going to have to continue his hot starts, and give the team another outing to potentially win the game. This is the first time Greene is facing the Rays, and he is going to have to make important pitches in any given situation to prevent the Rays from crossing home plate.

The team also needs to jump on Smyly early and often. Although Ichiro Suzuki has not started in the last three games, he is 3-for-8 in his career against him, and he could be a really important piece to the game today. The Yankees haven’t been hitting many balls out of the park lately, so small ball is an important factor in gaining a victory.

Lastly, if Greene needs to be relieved in the game, the bullpen needs to shut the Rays down. There is very small room for error, if any against this offense. If the Rays see more pitches than they should, this gives them an opportunity to put in some real dents into the game. The Yankees need to do these few short tasks, and they could come out with a win the left hand column today.