Yankees Weather: Gleyber Torres taking batting practice during NYC earthquake is wild

What...on earth...just happened?
Detroit Tigers v New York Yankees
Detroit Tigers v New York Yankees / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

Never thought we'd use a "Yankees Weather" keyword to describe an east coast earthquake, but here we are. The Yankees' Home Opener is night, and it came with a stunning weather complication -- one which the Yankees played through and entirely ignored.

The New York City area experienced the effects of an actual earthquake on Friday morning; ultimately, it was determined to have been a 4.8 magnitude quake with a New Jersey epicenter. For tri-state locals with precious little earthquake experience, it was downright intimidating and difficult to believe.

Aftershocks may still occur, and New York City residents should be on guard for any further tremors (which reportedly spread all the way to Boston after the initial event). Consider the Yankees unfazed, though; Gleyber Torres continued to take batting practice throughout the short earthquake.


Yankees Weather for Home Opener: New York City, New Jersey Experience Earthquake

No delay in first pitch, against all odds; 1:05 EST will mark the start of the Yankees' 2024 home season against the Toronto Blue Jays (pending ceremony, of course).

Now, it's on Juan Soto and Aaron Judge to bring the thunder this afternoon following Mother Nature's intervention. Marcus Stroman will be on the mound for the home opener after dreaming of such a thing for 30 years as a born-and-raised New Yorker. He eclipsed 100 pitches in his 2024 debut in Houston, pitching well enough to lead the Yankees to victory for the third time in four games in H-Town (they eventually swept).

He kept the Astros as off-balance as a Hoboken resident trying to stay stable on the sidewalk during an unexpected earthquake.

The Yankees' offense has used patience as their calling card thus far, and hasn't necessarily blasted off with their typical number of earth-shattering dingers. Expect a few more disruptions to the earth's crust on Friday afternoon.