Yankees vs Red Sox Weather Delay: Updates, Start Time for Wednesday night's game

Uhhhh, yeah, sure. We got you.
Tampa Bay Rays v Boston Red Sox
Tampa Bay Rays v Boston Red Sox / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

UPDATE: The game has been postponed. Enjoy another doubleheader on Thursday, folks.

The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox have had their last five days heavily interrupted by inclement weather and Wednesday night will be no different. The start of the third game of the series will be delayed.

And unfortunately, we're either in for a long night or another doubleheader on Thursday because it appears as if the weather in Boston is similar to that of Monday night's, which got the series opener postponed.

There have been no updates since the official Red Sox Twitter account gave us the bad news at 6:30 p.m. ET, which leaves reason for concern since they specified updates would be provided when available.

The rain has further rendered this series largely irrelevant, sadly, in what should at least be a fun battle for last place over the next three weeks. But Yankees-Red Sox matchups have undoubtedly lost their luster over the last few years, and with neither team in realistic contention for the playoffs, the weather interruptions have fans' attention further diverted.

Yankees vs Red Sox Weather Delay: Updates, Start Time for Wednesday night's game

Updates? None. Start time? We have no idea. They didn't even specify how long the delay might be. Perhaps our misery will be washed away with the storm.

Hey, at least somebody's having fun.

Even though the Yankees have captured the first two games of the series and, at worst, will leave dreaded Fenway with a split, it's hard to remain excited and supportive for what's been a wildly disappointing and downright egregious 2023 season. For once, we'll even say it's unfortunate the Red Sox are equally as underwhelming, because any series or game with one of these teams playing spoiler makes for prime television.

A battle for last place might sound like it'd be better, but have you watched this season? It's unquestionably infinitely unbearable. And one of these teams should be at the top. The division is flipped on its head in the worst way possible. Upsetting.

So, yeah, we'll have your updates whenever we get them.