Yankees Spring Training Tickets: How much does it cost to attend games?

Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees
Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

February is, somehow, right at our doorstep, which means the New York Yankees are mere weeks away from returning to spring training in Florida and charting a course through another season with high expectations.

So, how much does it cost to attend a 2023 Yankees spring training game? Less than it costs to extend Aaron Judge, but every time you buy a ticket, you're helping to subsidize his captaincy. Ditto for hot dogs and sodas.

The Bombers will play 32 spring training games in Florida (yes, split squads count), as well as one final exhibition game in Washington, DC against the Nationals. If you're planning a trip to beautiful Tampa, then prepare your wallets properly.

The Yankees start their spring slate of home games on Sun. Feb 26, and their first full-squad game comes the next day (in primetime against the Tigers). The pricing model isn't entirely consistent across the board; that opener against the Braves will run you slightly more money than the next day's showdown with Detroit). Pick the best seats in the house (behind home plate, obviously) and follow along.

Yankees Spring Training Ticket Prices 2023: So, how much do these things cost anyway?

The cheapest tickets for any game are located in the left field porch area; for the Braves game, those'll run you $40. The next day against Detroit? Down to $30.

The least expensive seats behind home plate will run you $45 a piece in the 200 level, a solid deal considering everything is in the lower bowl.

Don't care about staying in one spot? The familiar Pinstripe Pass option, which has been a staple of Yankee Stadium in recent years, is also available at George M. Steinbrenner Field this spring. A Pinstripe Pass to the spring opener will run you $30, while it'll only cost $27 a pop for the Tigers game the next day. For a premium weekend matchup against the Rays? That escalates to $35, while seats behind the plate can run you all the way up to $65.

Quick tip? Pinstripe Pass tickets come with your first drink included (beer if you're over 21, Pepsi products, Aquafina water). Another quick tip? Prices might be cheaper on the secondary market.