AL scout gives Yankees' Anthony Volpe worst player comparison imaginable

New York Yankees Spring Training
New York Yankees Spring Training / New York Yankees/GettyImages

We truly were unaware the art of the troll extended all the way to American League scouts, but New York Yankees fans probably need to know they're not safe from anything ... not even compliments and praise.

Anthony Volpe, the Yankees' top prospect and crown jewel, has been the talk of Spring Training, as he presses the issue to make the Opening Day roster with his stellar play on both sides of the ball.

His performance, along with Jasson Dominguez's, has given fans some hope after everyone's optimism took a hit with all the injury news that will set back the team come Opening Day.

All we're asking? Let us enjoy our Volpe without outside interruption. We've been watching him play and are very much aware of his impact. We don't need scouts coming in to give us more insight in regard to what we're already witnessing with our very eyes.

And we CERTAINLY don't need any scouts comparing him to one of the most hated Red Sox of all time from a Yankees fan's perspective, that's for sure.

Here's what the scout told Dan Martin of the New York Post:

"He’s always reminded me of Dustin Pedroia. He’s on the small side, like Dustin, yet he hits everything with authority. And he plays the game like he’s on fire, which [Pedroia] did, too."

AL Scout via the NY Post

Volpe's one flaw? He's too nice. Deep down, every Yankees fan would've loved if he said "F--- that, a punk Red Sox player?! One of the biggest babies of this generation of baseball players? Never in a million years. What else you got for me?" Instead, he had a class act response:

"I hadn’t heard that, but I definitely try to play that way. It’s very humbling to hear that comparison, because that’s how I’ve always played: hard. And I know that’s what Pedroia was known for."

Anthony Volpe via the NY Post

While a Pedroia comparison is technically a "good" thing, since the former Red Sox star won Rookie of the Year, an AL MVP and two World Series, Volpe is already proving he might have more power and speed in addition to superior defensive instincts (he plays a harder position!). He's also respectful and doesn't incessantly play with a fake chip on his shoulder while pretending the entire world is against him.

Don't care how talented/successful Pedroia was. That's one of the last players anybody should be comparing Volpe to, since Yankees fans will pay it no mind.