3 Yankees who have worn out their welcome in the Bronx

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It doesn't take much for New York Yankees fans to write off a player or coach if things aren't going the way they had envisioned.

When your franchise has 27 World Series rings, you start to expect greatness year after year, and if the team isn't delivering on that it can be frustrating. It doesn't help that the team hasn't won a championship in 14 years, either.

It all boiled over during the ALCS when Yankees fans rained down boos on the team, most famously following an Aaron Judge strikeout, leading many to believe the reigning AL MVP might not re-sign with New York because of the perceived poor treatment from fans. But he ended up expressing an understanding of the situation.

Judge is batting .211 with 13 HR and 25 RBI in 44 career postseason games, which is terrible compared to his typical .284 batting average in the regular season. He hasn't had that magical postseason run yet that past Yankees' greats have had, but he knows that's what he needs to do in order to become a franchise legend.

But anyway, he doesn't even have it bad among the fans. These guys have it much, much worse.

3 Yankees who have worn out thier welcome in the Bronx

Aaron Hicks

Hicks is locked up a seven-year, $70 million contract, which will keep him in New York through 2025, and fans couldn't be more sick of him. After having his breakout season back in 2018 with 27 HR and 79 RBI, New York thought it was getting a steal with his $10M annual salary. However, he's been as disappointing as anyone.

Since signing that contract, he only has 30 HR and 111 RBI with a .217 batting average across four seasons. Hicks will continue to be the Yankees starting left fielder when the season begins this year, but the team would love to upgrade his position. With MLB getting rid of the shift, it's possible that Hicks' stats will improve and he'll return to a semblance of the player he was in 2018, but that's a tall order.

It certainly wasn't a good start to the year for him after he was booed prior to his first at-bat in Spring Training.