Someone needs to save former Yankees OF Clint Frazier again after Rangers release

Spring Training
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And so the merry-go-round revolves once more, sending former Yankees outfielder Clint (Jackson) Frazier back into the void.

Ironically, the Texas Rangers' decision to release Frazier from his latest contract (which he was playing out at the minor-league level) comes just before the Yankees come to town for a four-game set deep in the heart of Texas.

For those keeping track of the 28-year-old Frazier, he was hitting .250 with a .350 OBP at Triple-A Round Rock, socking a single home run and striking out 18 times prior to being granted his release.

Frazier's story is a tale of woe and perseverance, but after inking a life preserver contract in Texas this offseason, the Rangers will once again allow him to test the waters rather than promote him.

Last year, around the same time, Texas gave up on a minor-league project with a booming bat and pedigree. That man became ... Yankees legend Matt Carpenter, working his way into a $6.5 million deal with the Padres for 2023. Something tells us that this Rangers release won't seamlessly find his way to the Yanks, too.

Rangers release former Yankees OF Clint Frazier

This marks the second time in as many years that Frazier being the victim of a roster move came right before his current franchise was set to face off with the Yankees.

Last time, Frazier was a Cub, and used a June series with the Yankees as a springboard to talk more smack about his former organization:

"‘‘I like it here (with Chicago). Certainly don’t miss some of the things over there." “And I’m really enjoying the way that this clubhouse has maneuvered…. ‘And you had to be a cookie-cutter version to be on that team. If not, then you were, like, a really bad distraction, it seemed like. So I don’t miss being told how I had to look for the last five years.’’"

Clint Frazier

Hitting .216 in 19 games at the time, he was then DFA'd in order for the Cubs to make a pitching maneuver and never got the chance to prove the Yankees wrong at the stadium.

Despite his ill will towards the Yankees, Frazier certainly still deserves a chance to prove those wrong who no longer believe he possesses an electric bat. We'll keep tracking him until he reaches his next destination.

Or, if we don't, you can be assured that Randy Miller will. Vindictively.