Jackson (Clint) Frazier torches Yankees writer Randy Miller again with violent accusation

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The story of Clint Frazier's (now known as Jackson) Yankees tenure is objectively a sad one, in that his strength appears to have been wrested from him through means he could not control.

Known for his big personality and equally big pop, Frazier suffered two distinct concussions over the course of his career in pinstripes. The first knocked him out for the vast majority of the 2018 season, and set him on a course through the minors. When he managed to work his way back in 2019, he remained out of favor, and found himself demoted once more that summer.

Frazier's 2020 season was his breakout, without a crowd to fully appreciate him. His 2021, when fans were welcomed back to the ballpark, was derailed by the second concussion and its aftereffects.

Unlike most prospects who haven't reached the great heights ascribed to them, Frazier's fall is unfortunately easy to track. The one remaining mystery of his Yankees career, though, is still extremely intriguing. Why does NJ Advanced Media writer Randy Miller seem to hate him so thoroughly?

Miller covered Frazier's recent minor-league deal with the Rangers with a typically acidic pen, entitled his article about a fairly simple transaction "Yankees castoff Clint Frazier settles for minor-league deal after brutal and bizarre 2022". Somehow, this comes via a credentialed member of the media, and not, as first assumed, a dog with a blog.

Frazier reacted to the article the morning after it was published, furthering his long-standing beef with Miller and revealing that the writer nearly instigated a locker room fight, once upon a time. We knew it was bad, but ... this bad?

Clint Frazier-Randy Miller Beef Details: What does Yankees writer have against Clint?

When Frazier left the Yankees, he shed light on the origin of his distaste for Miller. Back in 2020, the outfielder says he witnessed Miller make one too many snide comments to Miguel Andújar about his defense, then slyly dropped, "Shocker" as he walked past the scrum.

Miller then bolted across the locker room to confront Frazier over his sardonic wit.

"After that, I don't think Randy ever came back in the locker room again," Frazier added.

Frazier has previously revealed other elements of the Miller story, a writer he actually opened up to early in his Yankee tenure, which ... didn't do him any favors, ultimately. Throughout Frazier's long road back from his first concussion, Miller followed him through the minors, staying nights in cheap hotels from Altoona to Trenton just to get his licks in.

It all built to a wild fervor this summer, where Frazier accused Miller of having a Trump-loving burner account with a female persona that chased the ex-Yankee around online.

Just when you believe this beef is dead -- considering both sides of the argument no longer lurk around the Yankees clubhouse -- it resurfaces and escalates.

Best of luck to Frazier moving forward in Texas, and best of luck to Miller in cleaning up his act.