Jackson Frazier torches Yankees writer, claims to reveal burner account


Highly-touted outfielder Jackson Frazier did not leave the New York Yankees quietly this offseason, shining a flashlight on some uncomfortable corners of the organization before he changed his name and tried to restart his career in Chicago.

Among Frazier’s reveals were the unfortunate manner in which concussions derailed his Yankee tenure more than anyone had even suspected, as well as the bizarre tale of NJ.com writer Randy Miller, who showed up in minor-league clubhouse after minor-league clubhouse, stalking Frazier as he attempted to bounce back from some early struggles.

Their relationship was more antagonistic than the public knew at the time, and on Tuesday, Frazier chose to air out some more of Miller’s dirty laundry.

After three months off from Twitter, Frazier returned to ask Miller why he’d been blocked and what exactly he’d done wrong.

Is a swift blocking the cleanest method of hashing things out here? No. But it’s definitely Miller’s preferred response when the heat is on.

Former Yankees OF Jackson ‘Clint’ Frazier blew up Randy Miller’s spot

Man, how did “Miller” become the second-most hated Yankees Randy behind “Levine”?

Miller has also blocked this article’s author, for whatever reason. Maybe because this article’s author doesn’t appreciate his constant, unwarranted attacks on the organization’s teenaged prospects? No matter. Don’t need to read the content anyway. Kind of get the vibe from the headline only.

Frazier continued to reply to himself, asking Miller for answers he knew he’d never receive, then dropping into thin air what he claimed to be the venerated writer’s burner Twitter account.

If, uh … if that’s true, we might have a bigger issue here.

Don’t click this burner at all, unless you want to be bombarded by wild political accusations mixed in with some Frazier hate. Is this the “anonymous scout” who’s always claiming Jasson Dominguez is too paunchy? Same guy?

Frazier’s time in the Bronx ended up wonky for many reasons, but the team’s veteran scribes getting a thirst for blood after a cooked-up phony story about the outfielder wanting Mickey Mantle’s No. 7 didn’t help matters.

Frazier’s bat really was lightning quick, but concussions put a harsh stop to his progress in both 2018 and 2021, following a bounce-back, fan-less 2020 season. Yankee fans never saw the best of Frazier, which seemed to ignite the joy sector of Miller’s brain.

Sadly, the rest of us just missed out, though.