Yankees playing dangerous game with Aaron Judge after Randy Levine’s comments


It’s worth wondering if George Steinbrenner, despite his brash personality and sometimes intrusive involvement as an owner, possessed more tact than his son, Hal, who currently calls the shots for the New York Yankees. Just think … would Aaron Judge have already been signed by now if The Boss was running the show? It sounds redundant, but it’s worth asking.

Does he think his work behind the scenes will go unnoticed forever? He reportedly tried to angle his influence in the CBA talks so the Yankees could spend less. Did he think that wouldn’t ever get reported? Does this guy know where he’s running a team?

Even worse, though, is the corporate speak fans are subjected to when various “State of the Yankees” addresses need to be made. And why do they need to be made? Oh, it’s because the organization doesn’t do enough to put a worthwhile product on the field. Right.

But that won’t stop Hal from blaming the players for a slow start in 2021. It won’t stop Hal from weaseling behind the scenes to keep a few extra million in his pocket. It won’t stop Hal from acquiring a minority stake in AC Milan despite him trying to restrict payroll!

Perhaps most importantly, though, it won’t stop Hal from sending his verbal hitman and “team president” (what does he even do?) Randy Levine to blabber about the team’s best player on the airwaves.

Good for business.

Yankees are playing a dangerous game with Aaron Judge as Randy Levine comments

Why. Is. Randy. Levine. Talking. About. Aaron. Judge? Ever? Even in private at his own home? Let alone to the New York Post?!

In case you may have forgotten who Levine is, he’s the guy who berated Dellin Betances in a room during the arbitration process because the reliever and his agent requested too much money for the Yankees’ liking when the two sides filed salaries. Great guy to have in your corner if you want to discourage employees from ever working for you or putting forth their best.

Levine’s comments on EVERYTHING here are like if you asked the sales department at any corporate company to create a powerpoint of buzzwords and then just read them slide by slide.

Think we’re taking this too far? Judge is the Yankees’ only respectable player at the moment. Everyone else is either injured, insufficient or underperforming. Levine doesn’t seem to understand Judge called the Yankees’ bluff, is now having the season of a lifetime, and now it’s not up to Judge. It’s up to the $6 billion behemoth farting money out of its executive suites. You may have fooled some of us into thinking the preseason offer was fair (it kind of was!) … but now you’re not fooling anybody under the age of 40.

And speaking of Hal being The Worst, remember, it was him, shortly after his father’s death, jerking Derek Jeter around when the Hall of Famer entered free agency after the 2010 season. Anyone here study history? If not, might want to start reading up on sports history … because it’s very possible we see a repeat of that disingenuous behavior that leads to Judge walking away to another team who has better things to do than create further headaches with the AL MVP. This is now the second time Judge has been called out by the team in some capacity, with the first coming hours before Opening Day when the Yankees held a press conference right before the season started to let everyone know they made a “fair” and “large” offer to Judge but he didn’t accept it. They had to let the fans know it wasn’t their fault.

If the last 12 years haven’t convinced you of the organization’s overall malpractice, perhaps Judge leaving in the offseason as a result of whatever this is will hit you hard enough over the head.