Yankees Rumors: Latest Yoshinobu Yamamoto updates from Red Sox, Giants, Dodgers

Are we getting any closer to a deal? When's Christmas?
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Yankees Have Edge Over Red Sox in Yoshinobu Yamamoto Rumors?

Despite rumors to the contrary, reporting on Tuesday out of Boston was able to confirm that while he was on the east coast, Yamamoto did not take a visit to Fenway Park.

Could that change, if the more serious teams in the Yamamoto chase made late gaffes and chased him away (or if Boston's reported offer increased exponentially)? Of course. But Yamamoto would be highly unlikely to accept a Red Sox offer without traveling there, and as of this moment, he has not traveled there.

As Andy Martino said on SNY Tuesday night, the Yankees and Dodgers are in pole position, while the Mets are "hopeful." The gap between the three teams has been closed in recent weeks, but there certainly was a gap to begin with (and the chasm still remains).

If the Yankees can't close the deal here, rumor has it Will Warren is very much in the mix for their fifth starter role to begin the season, in a Jhony Brito-esque development. That's great news, regardless. Everyone who's ever watched a rotation disintegrate before knows that any team with a strong top five needs a confident six and seven, too. Warren, if the Yankees believe in the uptick of his stuff, will get opportunities, regardless of Yamamoto's decision.

It's undeniable, though, that using the rookie as a swingman behind a Japanese ace would be preferable to installing him on Day 1. Based on the weekend's schedule of visits and the current offers floating in the ether, the Yankees seem as well-positioned as any team to pull off a heist during the holidays.