Yankees Rumors: Latest Yoshinobu Yamamoto updates from Red Sox, Giants, Dodgers

Are we getting any closer to a deal? When's Christmas?
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Yoshinobu Yamamoto Rumors: Giants lurking

Yamamoto's east coast flight covered the Yankees and Mets. His stationary week in Los Angeles featured initial meetings with all interested teams (Red Sox, Phillies, possibly the Blue Jays), as well as a star-studded conference with the Dodgers. Hey, why not? Everybody was in town.

But, as Andrew Baggarly reported for the first time on Tuesday, the San Francisco Giants were the only other team to sneak Yamamoto into their facilities.

The Giants' initial meeting with Yamamoto occurred at Oracle Park, where he met Farhan Zaidi and a team of executives that appear to be just as obsessed with the righty's arsenal as Cashman & Co.

A higher offer isn't always everything -- just think of the Padres in every non-Xander Bogaerts market last offseason.

But the Giants have been desperate for star power for several years now, and Yamamoto has shown that he plans to take their aggression seriously. Though the mainstreamers in baseball media would seemingly love to do so and restrict this conversation to New York, New York, Tuesday's update proved the Giants can't be counted out.

And then there's the Red Sox.