PBR reaches hilarious conclusion in Wade Boggs Cool Blue saga

New York Yankees
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While the Yankees may not be cool with the Blue Jays anymore, they remain copacetic with Cool Blue, the Pabst Blue Ribbon beer mascot who bears a striking resemblance to Hall of Famer Wade Boggs.

Now, after a decades-long feud, it seems Boggs is cool with the folks at PBR, too.

In a stunning reversal from his previous message to fight the company tooth and nail over his stolen likeness, the Yankees' most famous horse rider has relented and joined hands with PBR.

While Boggs might be long past his 100+ beer-chugging-on-cross-country-flights days (or maybe he still does that, not sure actually), he's now entering his Beer Pitchman Era instead. We're just glad this feud is over.

Pabst Blue Ribbon ends feud with Wade Boggs, announces Yankees icon is Cool Blue

Previously, Boggs had released a list of demands for corporate on his website, BoggsIsBlue.com, featuring a few "Always Sunny" corkboard nods and a whole lot of mania.

Ultimately, though, the 12-time All-Star was clearheaded, and his mission has resulted in a pretty sweet deal for PBR drinkers.

While PBR still refuses to acknowledge whether or not the Cool Blue likeness was inspired by Boggs' trademark mustache, they're now offering a $12 rebate in honor of the third baseman's ASG appearances.

Needless to say, this isn't the first time in recent weeks that Pabst Blue Ribbon has come out on the right side of history.

The Scandoval may never reach a satisfying conclusion, but the ScandoBoggs hit a detente on Tuesday afternoon, just in time for a summer of drinking.

No word yet on whether Aaron Judge will pursue similar legal action against the Jolly Green Giant.