Yankees News: Aaron Boone meets with Steinbrenner and Cashman, Red Sox sweep

Wonder what this accomplished...

Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees
Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

At 60-64, the New York Yankees might as well hang it up for 2023. The Mets have better odds of making the playoffs than they do. They just singlehandedly let their archrival Boston Red Sox firmly back into the AL Wild Card race after getting swept this past weekend.

That's the second time the Sox swept the Yankees this year on their home turf. There hasn't been anything left to analyze for quite some time now. This collection of players, the coaching staff and front office personnel are lacking on many levels, and the Yankees have been far behind the rest of the league since 2013.

So when fans heard manager Aaron Boone met with general manager Brian Cashman and owner Hal Steinbrenner over the weekend, it didn't change anybody's opinion on anything. What will the three people most responsible for this team's downfall getting a room together accomplish?

They met on Saturday and discussed the direction of the organization following this recent stretch of disheartening play. Boone didn't get into too much detail about the meeting, but he mentioned calling up top prospects before the season ends is very much an option to help alter the dynamic.

But it's not like that would be reinventing the wheel. The Yankees should've done that long ago when the smoke revealed a raging fire. Promoting Everson Pereira and Austin Wells should happen regardless of the state the Yankees are in. Good organizations give their best young talent a fair shake at playing time to compete for a roster spot. The Yankees famously don't do that. They hoard players until their abilities and trade value diminish to dust.

Yankees News: Aaron Boone meets with Steinbrenner and Cashman, Red Sox sweep

All we're saying is the Yankees' problems go far beyond, "Hey, what if we bucked our inefficient trend of burying our top prospects and instead played them more over the countless aging veterans we roster each and every season?"

Some speculated the meeting could signal the end of the Boone era. Many wondered who the Yankees might replace him with if a decision is made before the conclusion of the 2023 season (but that's definitely not going to happen).

If anything, Boone will be an offseason scapegoat and very little will change because even the most shrewd manager can only do so much with underwhelming talent and personalities that don't possess a fragment of urgency.

Maybe, at least, a new manager could guide this team against the Red Sox. The Yankees have been awful against them since Boone's hiring. The Yankees might be 55-40 vs Boston during Boone's tenure, but they've continually failed against their most hated rival when it's mattered most.

The 2018 ALCS. The 2021 regular season and Wild Card Game. Inexplicable collapses against them in 2022. Now the 2023 season, where the Sox are 8-1 against the Yankees and 58-57 against the rest of MLB.

The Red Sox have used the Yankees as a punching bag in the most high-profile moments since 2004. Boone's presence hasn't changed that whatsoever. The players continuously don't rise to the occasion and it feels as if Alex Cora is running circles around Boone when the stakes are elevated.

At the very least, Boone didn't mince words when talking about how the Sox have handled the Yankees, so maybe that lights a fire under the roster? Probably not, though. This team is at the point of no return and in need of an all-out house cleaning.