Yankees' new spring training hat for 2024 is absolutely nothing

Save your money.
Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees
Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

Spring training hats are MLB's most delightful merchandise grab. Who doesn't want a new lid to represent the changing season and a fresh start? Even the most cynical among us wouldn't scoff at a Baseball Adult racking up a high bill in the express lane at the MLB store (well, maybe a mini-scoff).

But if a Yankees fan told you they wanted to buy 2024's spring training hat and add it to their collection, it'd be fair to tell them to leave the premises.

MLB's full slate of spring training lids dropped Monday and ushered in the most wonderful time of the year. For Yankee fans, though, the announcement was akin to Hal Steinbrenner opting out of the City Connect program, or a cold, wet newspaper slapping your thigh.

While the Tigers went innovative and the Twins and Cubs revisited tradition and expanded upon it, the Yankees have released ... a Yankee hat. It's ... it's got the interlocking "NY" logo. It is a hat for the New York Yankees.

2024 Yankees Spring Training Hat represents new heights in moisture-wicking innovation or some nonsense

Now, at this point, I should disclose that, unlike sites where a portion of every sale goes back to them, I actually get a portion of your money if you don't buy a Yankees spring training hat. If you can bite your lip long enough not to add this 6% lighter replica of a traditional hat to your cart, I earn 40% of what the purchase price would've been. I own three speedboats.

If you want to get into the 2024 spirit by buying one of the other hats? Absolutely. Endorsed, as long as you can stomach it. That Minnesota hat is great. The brightness of the Ms, Cubbies, Mariners, Brewers ... again, as long as you're not the kind of person who could never dream of repping another team's logo and you want a March keepsake to keep the sun out of your eyes, go for it.

But if you're thinking about buying a Yankees spring training hat -- with the little palm tree patch, with the breathable pin holes, with the flecks of inevitable sunscreen somehow already baked in -- just buy a regular fitted instead to replace your old one. Everyone spotting the fresh, breezy lid on your head will take you for a sucker.