The 8 most hated Yankees players of all time

It is time to get mad at some former Yankees players all over again.
New York Yankees v Tampa Bay Rays
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At this point, it is safe to call the New York Yankees' 2023 season a total dumpster fire. Aaron Judge has been great when he's been healthy, but he hasn't been fully healthy for a while. That is pretty much where the good news ends, though, as the offense has been pitiful, the starting pitching has been Gerrit Cole and a gaggle of bad behind him, and the "best bullpen ERA in baseball" hasn't saved the Bombers from a series of embarrassing meltdowns.

As a result, it is hardly surprising that the Yankees find themselves in last place in an admittedly tough AL East this year and well out of a playoff spot in 2023.

Sure, one could dwell on the Yankees' total lack of a cohesive strategy at the trade deadline or take issue with the Yankees' roster construction decisions from the beginning. However, it is more fun to just embrace the horror of it all at this point and lean into it. This 2023 Yankees are going to go down in team history as one of franchise's most infuriating teams, so let's go even further back and take a look at the Yankees players in franchise history that fans absolutely hated, too.

Here are 8 of the most hated Yankees players of all time

To be clear, this is a list of players that actually played for the Yankees that fans, to put it mildly, do not remember fondly. The list of opposing teams' players Yankees fans hate is a long and illustrious one, but that will have to wait for another day. To make the list, there are some common threads like making too much money for too little production, as well as just being miserable human beings while playing for the Yankees. The worst of the worst, of course, managed to combine the two.

So sit back, embrace the darkness, and take a look at eight of the most hated Yankees players of all time.