Yankees' latest trade deadline report only enforces how clueless they are

Oh ... the Yankees are realizing now that they essentially need an entirely new roster
Seattle Mariners v New York Yankees
Seattle Mariners v New York Yankees / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

In theory, if the New York Yankees wanted to contend for a World Series title in 2023, what would they need? A little bit of everything, right? Outfielders, some pitching help (mostly bullpen), perhaps a better starting catcher, depth, overall health? Sound about right?

That's not possibly tenable, though. The Yankees don't have enough desirable assets to acquire that many players by Aug. 1. And, even if they did, what kind of "contender" reworks its entire roster in the middle of a season?

Turns out, the Yankees actually think this is realistic, if we're to believe MLB insider Mark Feinsand's latest report suggesting the team is seeking corner outfielders, catchers, starting pitchers and relievers leading up to the trade deadline.

For one, the Yankees' only strength is starting pitching, especially with Carlos Rodón getting back on the horse and Nestor Cortes returning in a couple of weeks. Domingo Germán and Clarke Schmidt have managed to do a terrific job (for the most part) in the interim. The only liability is Luis Severino.

As for the bullpen, the unit had the BEST ERA in MLB after the first half of the season. And they need to upgrade the most successful part of that unit? What is the point of that, especially when the offense can't score runs?

A contender would be looking to fine-tune something such as a bullpen if they had a well-oiled machine of an operation helping things move along. But the Yankees don't have that. The offense is constantly stuck in the mud.

Yankees Rumors: New York seeking to repair entire roster before trade deadline

The best part, however, is that the front office wants to upgrade the catcher position after deliberately putting themselves in this mess. They ditched Gary Sánchez, which was the right move, in an effort to put an elite defensive duo behind the plate -- something they managed to accomplish.

Now the offense isn't good enough after making the conscious decision to put two bats back there that have only ever been regarded as below-average? This is what you wanted!

To think the Yankees would bail, right now, on 2022 Platinum Glove winner Jose Trevino or Kyle Higashioka, who they ended up utilizing as they ousted Sánchez, actually feels like one of the least productive and misplaced decisions possible ... especially midseason, as the pitching staff has overall been good (outside of the frustrating blowups).

Randal Grichuk over Cody Bellinger, too? Good luck. If this team buys at the deadline, it will be the most shameless bargain bin shopping you've ever seen from a big market financial behemoth. The market is reportedly expected to be one of the most thin in recent memory, so we're not sure where all these hypothetical additions will be coming from.

We suppose it aligns with the largely clueless direction of this team dating back to 2020, though.