Yankees immediately call up recent trade acquisition, DFA lefty before team debut

That was fast!
Milwaukee Brewers Photo Day
Milwaukee Brewers Photo Day / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

Remember how we wrote Sunday night about how the Yankees had better be careful with Jake Cousins' singular minor-league option? Well, they're breaking glass long before any perceived emergency.

Less than 48 hours after an oddball roster swap in which Clayton Beeter was demoted after his MLB debut to usher left-hander Tanner Tully to the big-league roster, things suddenly make a bit more sense.

Remember how Aaron Boone assured fans that Beeter would be making the trip to Houston, but insinuated something could interfere with his Opening Day roster spot if it were to get finalized? It now seems likely that the Cousins trade was that special something.

The Yankees have recalled Cousins the day after acquiring him, DFA'ing Tully before he could make an appearance with the team (though he presumably enjoyed Sunday afternoon's exciting win in Houston). Beeter will continue to get stretched out at Triple-A after finishing the Astros in the ninth on Friday (on three pitches, no less).

Yankees DFA Tanner Tully, promote Jake Cousins for Monday's game vs. Diamondbacks

This means that both Tully and 2023 stalwart Nick Ramirez have been DFA'd, all in the name of getting Cousins to the active roster.

The indications from the right-hander's days in Milwaukee, though, hint that this series of moves just might turn out to be worthwhile. He posted 2.70 ERAs in both 2021 and 2022 (30 innings in '21, 13 1/3 in '22), allowing just 26 total hits and striking out a remarkable 65 batters. He's a sinker-slider specialist, meaning he comes pre-loaded with the Matt Blake Starter Pack.

Only time will tell whether Cousins becomes a mid-innings weapon or another Colten Brewer, but the Yankees would like to find out sooner rather than later. Apologies to Tully, who unfortunately embodied the Grandpa Simpson Meme during his short time in the Bronx rather than make a tangible impact.

Cousins will reportedly be active on Monday night in the desert, and the Yankees will now cross their fingers and hope the collateral damage of this deal -- Ramirez and Tully -- will eventually clear waivers. For more on Beeter, following along with Jon Heyman; the veteran scribe flew home to New York with the righty, who'll now pick up his truck and drive it to Scranton.