How long will hotshot rookie Clayton Beeter stay on Yankees’ roster?

2024 New York Yankees Spring Training
2024 New York Yankees Spring Training / New York Yankees/GettyImages

The New York Yankees reportedly informed rookie Clayton Beeter -- blessedly obtained in the Joey Gallo trade with the Dodgers -- that he'd be heading to Houston, having ostensibly won a spot on the Opening Day roster.

Phew. Great, Good news. Beeter, armed with a mid-90s fastball that touches 98 and plenty of swing-and-miss ability, has a ways to go before he can claim definitively that he's a big-leaguer, let alone a starter (with two standout pitches).

Still, it seems like he'll be getting a chance, and he certainly appears to have more upside than his competitors (and the ability to provide more length, while the rest of the rotation is still building up early in the season).

Will Warren will continue getting stretched out in the minors, while Beeter will get a big-league spotlight to start. But how long, exactly, will he stick around? The honor might not be performance-based.

How long will Yankees' righty Clayton Beeter be on Opening Day Roster?

He still might not even, uh, make it to Houston.

Both Beeter and filth-monger non-roster invitee Nick Burdi have reportedly won the final two spots available in the team's bullpen competition, beating out Dennis Santana. However, that doesn't mean they're safely on the Opening Day roster just yet. If the Yankees spot an upgrade on the open market -- or, really, just someone who intrigues them -- one or both pitchers could still be left out in the cold.

Remember Estevan Florial last year? He traveled to New York and pinch-ran on Opening Day, only for Franchy Cordero to show up shortly thereafter.

Beeter has options remaining, which means that -- unless he excels to the degree where the Yankees cannot envision their bullpen without him -- he'll be demoted when short reliever Tommy Kahnle is ready to return. Kahnle threw bullpens all spring, but felt "behind" from the shoulder issues that dented his 2024 campaign. He's supposed to be back in two weeks but, like most Kahnle injuries, that could linger. Hell, it's already a linger-based injury from last season!

Beeter could make himself integral, but when Ron Marinaccio did that in 2022, while having options, it still got him repeatedly demoted.

All this to say that, despite "winning" this offseason's competition and impressing the Yankees by covering all sorts of situations (mid-inning, short relief, long relief, starts), his first trip to the Bronx might be more of a cameo rather than a starring role.