Yankees get ruthlessly roasted for requesting 'Pinstripe Pride' after choke job vs Angels

Post those prideful pictures, Yankee fans! Go ahead! Smile!
New York Yankees v Colorado Rockies
New York Yankees v Colorado Rockies / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

Aaron Boone has been extra careful with Yankees relief weapon Michael King lately. That way, he can make sure he only uses King during nightmares.

Monday night was yet another one in a long line of 'em for this seemingly doomed Yankees team, which sits above .500 and technically in the Wild Card race (good?), but which has mostly been defined by team-wide regression and injury worries (pretty bad).

For even the most optimistic Yankee fan, it's been a tough time to be prideful, and Monday's blown 3-1 lead represented rock bottom -- just over 24 hours after we thought we'd experienced rock bottom in Colorado.

Unfortunately, thanks to a poorly-timed deal with Toyota, the YES Network was forced to be right back after it on Tuesday morning, asking a wide swath of bummed-out people to show off their pride in the name of the BRAND.

Show off your Pinstripe Pride, Yankees fans! Definitely don't cower in shame!

Guess how well this request went over!

Instantly, YES was hit with a ratio that can only be described as "The Yankees' Cleanup Hitter Under Kevin Long." They probably wouldn't have preferred something that looked like "The Yankees' Cleanup Hitter Under Dillon Lawson."

Most repliers and quote tweeters were interested in an honest exchange. We send you our photos, you get us a left fielder. Fix this lineup, then we'll participate in Toyota's new campaign. Capisce?

Maybe don't throw a 1-2 cookie at the belt to Shohei Ohtani with the game on the line, either? Might be able to wear the Yankee hat today if you hadn't done that, instead of pulling a shirt over my mouth and eyes and pretending to disappear?

A simple win on Sunday could've changed everything. Same with Monday. Instead...

You've got to feel for the poor YES Network social director who had a desktop reminder that flashed, "TOYOTA PINSTRIPE PRIDE TWEET" around 11:00 AM EST on Tuesday. The instant reaction to the realization of what was to come must've been the loudest sigh this century -- except maybe when Nick Ramirez entered for the save on Sunday evening.

Show us where it hurts. Let it out. And pray -- oh, PRAY -- they don't decide to spotlight you during a live 2023 Yankees game. You might never get over being associated with this team.