Somebody needs to be fired for Yankees' handling of Luis Severino after Braves outing

Why are they doing this to the poor guy?

New York Yankees v Chicago White Sox
New York Yankees v Chicago White Sox / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results" is a witticism that's never made its way into the New York Yankees front office. Because whatever they're doing with Luis Severino is the antithesis of that statement.

After attempting to "fix" Sevy by using him in the second inning instead of the first (whoa, who thought of that?!) against the White Sox last week, the Yankees, after realizing that didn't work either, opted to start him against the league's best offense on Tuesday night.

They had one more chance to undo it, too. New York watched Clarke Schmidt, the team's second-best starter, get bludgeoned against the Atlanta Braves the night prior, but still gave Severino the nod in what now feels like nothing but a heartless decision.

Severino is the worst starting pitcher in Major League Baseball. It is humiliating for him to keep doing this. More outings like this will only further crater whatever free agency value he has left. But most importantly, his psyche is suffering irreparable damage.

Somebody in the Yankees' organization needs to be held responsible for this act of mental warfare. Nobody has anything to gain from this any longer. Severino should either be assuming a new role or be off the team entirely.

Somebody needs to be fired for Yankees' handling of Luis Severino after Braves outing

Sevy, in predictable fashion, surrendered a three-run homer in the first inning to Marcell Ozuna to immediately put the Yankees in a hole on Tuesday night. Not a single fan was surprised by it. Fans couldn't do anything but feel bad for the right-hander. He then gathered himself and pitched well for a few innings before Ronald Acuña blasted a two-run shot off of him to make it 5-0.

On top of this destruction of character, the Yankees told the media after this year's trade deadline that they were "in it to win it" after they made no additions to improve their middling roster. Yet they continue to pitch Severino with every game being all-important at this juncture.

During the game, YES reporter Meredith Marakovits said the Yankees considered bringing somebody up, but "ultimately figured they should be OK. With what evidence?!

The Yankees would be better off doing anything else. A bullpen game. Bringing up Spencer Howard to simply fill a rotation spot for the time being. Starting the service-time clock on a rising prospect. How much worse could it get? What's the harm is making any roster move right now if it means swapping somebody in for the worst starter in the league? Whoever is giving the green light to start Severino is letting down the pitcher, the roster, and the fanbase in the most obvious slap in the face possible.

The "excuse" is that the starting staff is decimated -- and it is -- but everyone knows what'll happen if Severino is called upon. Any front office with a shred of creativity could figure out an alternative, except this one apparently.