Yankees find new reason to be hated after ruining bettor's $1 million parlay

Even Yankees fans hate them for this.
New York Yankees v Miami Marlins
New York Yankees v Miami Marlins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

Thought the New York Yankees' choke job against the Miami Marlins on Sunday couldn't get more depressing? Well, let us introduce you to 2023, where there's a new low everywhere you turn if it has anything to do with the last-place AL East team.

And the aftershocks of their performances go well beyond the team. The fanbase is in disrepair. The media has something new and dystopian to write about every day. Anybody betting on the Yankees is in grave danger of a scarring heartbreak.

But if you're betting on the 2023 Yankees ... are you really a smart gambler? It doesn't matter if Gerrit Cole is on the mound. It doesn't matter if Aaron Judge is back. Something is cosmically wrong with this franchise and it won't be fixed until the building is cleared and sage'd followed by the introduction of a new owner and baseball ops people.

One bettor learned the hard way on Sunday when the Yankees collapsed against the Marlins, surrendering five earned runs in the bottom of the ninth to lose 8-7. They also allowed one run each in the sixth and eighth on similar nonsense to put the game in reach for Miami.

The parlay this person placed, however, will live on in infamy. The Yankees needed to simply shut the door on a 7-1 lead in the late innings to lock in a $955,134.37 ticket. Yup, let's call it a $1 million parlay that had so many other ridiculous outcomes hit, only to watch what should've been the easiest leg to cash collapse.

Yankees find new reason to be hated after ruining bettor's insane parlay

The 10-leg parlay featured Red Sox -1.5, under 9.5 runs in Red Sox/Tigers, over 10 runs in Athletics/Nationals, Angels moneyline, under 9.5 runs in Angels/Astros, Giants moneyline, under 8.5 runs in Giants/Rays, Diamondbacks moneyline, Guardians moneyline, Gerrit Cole 8 or more strikeouts and ... Yankees moneyline. Didn't even take the Yankees -1.5! The Yankees just needed to win with the AL Cy Young favorite on the mound.

But in pathetic fashion, New York blew it. Clay Holmes' meltdown, Aaron Boone's inaction and previous boneheaded bullpen decisions sealed this one. Just for added misery, the Yanks struck out 13 times, left six runners on base and went 2-for-8 with runners in scoring position. Those latter two stats aren't terrible, but it just goes to show there was ample opportunity to pour a few more runs on to avoid all this.

"You can't make this up ... this is a terrible loss for one ordinary American who was three outs away from securing the fortune of a lifetime off a bet that was just as improbable as this Marlins comeback" - Paul O'Neill if he were commentating this Instagram video.

What a shame. We'd find the room for more sympathy if we could, but the Yankees have tortured us for months now and there's nothing left to feel.